How to Control Holiday Weight Gain

Most of us women gain weight during the holidays and don’t lose it in January.  Eating healthy can be tough with so many parties with not so healthy foods laying around.  Here are so tips to stay on track with your health. Watch your portion size.  Just because something tastes… Read More »How to Control Holiday Weight Gain

Staying Healthy When Traveling

I love to travel!  It’s fun to check out new cities, scenery, restaurants, culture, etc.  But I am the first to admit that traveling can be hard.  It can stressful on your mind and body.  There are so many things that happen when we travel that get our bodies out… Read More »Staying Healthy When Traveling

Carrot Coconut Ginger Soup

In my book, the colder months always require a belly-warming soup.  We are busy during the day and in the evening so it is important that we have quick and healthy dinners that satisfy us and leave us eager for leftovers for the next day’s lunch.  Enter this delicious Carrot… Read More »Carrot Coconut Ginger Soup

Benefits of the Flu Shot

Flu shot season is upon us now.  Once the October crisp air arrives, we get reminded of advertisements, social media, friends, and family if we have gotten the flu shot yet.  It is on most everyone’s to-do list before winter hits.  The flu shot has many benefits for you and… Read More »Benefits of the Flu Shot

5 Steps to Good Gut Health

Our bodies carry trillions of bacteria which mostly take house in our intestines.  This gut bacteria is known as gut microbiota.  Most bacteria in our gut is healthy for us but there are types that can lead to illnesses.  When intestines are out of sync, it can gravely effect the… Read More »5 Steps to Good Gut Health

Importance of Sleep

We all have heard that it is optimal to have 8 hours of sleep a night.  Many people do not achieve this due to factors that we can control such as watching TV at night or using smartphones in bed.  We all are guilty of getting into bed with the… Read More »Importance of Sleep