Benefits of the Flu Shot

Flu shot season is upon us now.  Once the October crisp air arrives, we get reminded of advertisements, social media, friends, and family if we have gotten the flu shot yet.  It is on most everyone’s to-do list before winter hits.  The flu shot has many benefits for you and the community.  The flu is extremely contagious and causes thousands of hospitalizations every.single.year.  In extreme cases, the flu is also known to cause deaths as well.

It is important to get the flu shot every season because our immune response from the flu vaccination declines over time.  For best protection, it is wise to get the flu shot annually.  Another reason to get the flu shot is because virus strains change from year to year.  Every year, new formulations are created to protect the community from new viruses.

Benefits of Getting the Flu Shot

  1. Prevention.  The flu shot prevents the virus from spreading throughout your household, work, and community.  Who has time to get sick?  No one!
  2. Protection.  If you do get the flu shot and get sick, it is caused by a different strain that was not included in the vaccine.  Most likely with getting the flu shot, your illness may not be as harsh if you opted out.
  3. Reduces Risk.  With healthier individuals getting the annual flu shot, helps the vulnerable population stay healthy.  The elderly and babies are most at risk for getting the flu.  By doing our part, it helps keep these people in our community safe from getting the dreaded flu.

Largest Myth of the Flu Shot

The flu shot, gives me the flu.  This is a big myth!  The flu shot contains inactive influenza viruses that can not cause the flu.  These inactivated strains help protect you from getting the flu.



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