How to Control Holiday Weight Gain

Most of us women gain weight during the holidays and don’t lose it in January.  Eating healthy can be tough with so many parties with not so healthy foods laying around.  Here are so tips to stay on track with your health.
  • Watch your portion size.  Just because something tastes soo yummy, don’t overdo it.  It helps to use a smaller plate.
  • Mindful snacking.  There might be a lot of food laying around.  Don’t snack when you are not hungry.
  • Balanced meals.  Continue to eat balanced meals with lots of fruits and veggies.  This will help you stay full and so you may not want to eat the unhealthy foods that will make your belly rumble.
  • Sleep.  Many people lose sleep around the holidays due to the craziness.  Try to get 8 hours of sleep so you are rested and have energy.
  • Healthy Dish.  If you are going to a party and are bringing a dish, bring something healthy that you know you will be happy eating.
  • Smoothies.  Make a green smoothie before you go to a party so your belly will be happy and full. You will be less likely to make poor choices at the holiday party.
  • Alcohol.  Opt-out of the sugary holiday drinks.  Many of them are well crafted so if you really would like to part take, then just have one.  Switch to wine after that.
You can enjoy your holiday parties but just be mindful of what you are putting your mouth so you don’t feel weighed down later on!

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