Weekly Menu (Week of January 26, 2020)

Here are some great recipes for the week!  The jackfruit is a slow cooker recipe, so you will need to plan ahead.  It reheats well if you prefer to make it over the weekend and serve for a weekday dinner.   As for the Chicken Ramen Noodle Stir Fry, I buy the Lotus brand ramen noodles.  They are healthy, delicious, and gluten-free.

If you have missed the previous menu, you can find them here.  I will always have the new weekly menu posted on Sunday so you can plan your meals for the upcoming week.

So here we go!

Monday – Pulled Jack Fruit Sandwiches

Tuesday – Panko Crusted Salmon

Wednesday – Cauliflower Soup

Thursday – Chopped Thai Chicken Salad

Friday – Quick Chicken Ramen Noodle Stir Fry


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