Healthy and Easy Packed School Lunches

Back to school time, doesn’t need to create the dread of packing daily school lunches.  Packing lunches can be easy and quick if you have items prepared and well shopped for in advance.  It is always helpful to cut or steam lunch veggies over the weekend.  Fruits don’t always keep well when cut in advance but this can be done easily when packing lunches.  It is also very helpful to have bento containers that can be easily packed and washed after school.  Also creating a lunch menu cuts down on the thinking part of packing lunches.  Having this weekly menu, will give your child a variety of foods daily without being redundant daily. Here are some suggestions of main items you can put on your weekly menu.  Fruits and veggies can always rotate to what you have on hand.

Monday – Bagel with cream cheese

Tuesday – Ham and cheese sandwich

Wednesday – Homemade lunchables with meat, cheese and crackers

Thursday – Oatmeal in a thermos

Friday – Mexican salad with rice, tomatoes, corn, beans, guacamole, salsa, cheese, and sour cream

Post the menu somewhere that is easily seen when you are packing lunches.  This will help you remember the items you need when you are making a grocery list.  It will also help you remember what is on the menu to pack for lunch.


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