Great Books to Read

Some people may have a bit more time on their hands while working from home since there is no commute to your computer.  This list is my top six books that I read in 2019.  All my top pick books are all have meaning and carry very important topics in today’s world.

The Sun Does Shine – A true story of a man, Anthony Ray Hinton who spends 30 years on death row for 2 murders that he did not commit.  This story details so much emotion that he endured throughout his 30 years in prison.  This memoir is very powerful with all the emotions of anger, pain, love, loss, resilience, and ultimately freedom.

Maid – Another memoir of a hard-working single mother, Stephanie trying to survive with food and shelter.  This story details so many sad high and lows throughout a few years of Stephanie’s life.  This book provides good insight into how the system works and how it does not help many people such as Stephanie who could use government help.

In Order to Live – Okay I guess I like memoirs because this is another personal story of extreme struggle to escape North Korea.  The extremes Yeonmi endures to escape to freedom are scary, heartbreaking, unfathomable, and heroic.  I won’t lie, that this book is tough to read.  There are many parts of the book that are just plain unfathomable.  But on the other hand, it is so important to read because it details so much in what is happening in North Korea that most people do not realize – being starved, brutalized, terrified to move the wrong way, etc.  Yeonmi is a true hero.

The Leavers – This book is fiction but very realistic for many people.  It starts with Polly who is an undocumented Chinese immigrant living in the US.  She goes to work and does not come back home to her only son, Deming.  Deming goes through a range of emotions not know what has happened to his mother.  He eventually gets adopted to a great family but continues to feel a sense of unresolve and loss throughout his life.  This book is so well written and was very hard to put down.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz – A beautiful love story of Lale and Gita during their time in the Auschwitz concentration camp.  I didn’t know that this was a true story until I finished the book.  I wish I knew this when I started reading, but it doesn’t change my admiration for this book.  This book is very sad, poignant, and triumphant.

Where the Crawdads Sings – The story is about Kya, also known as Marsh Girl living in South Carolina.  She lives alone in the marshlands and is one with nature.  She is known in the community but doesn’t have many friends.  Within the story, there is a possible murder that occurs and some mysteries around it.  If you love fiction, this is a great read!


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